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About us



Dinnewell’s gin was founded by husband-and-wife team Chris and Sarah Dinnewell during the lockdowns of 2020/21. Having spent over 20 years between us working in various roles within the hospitality industry, this stop start year provided us the perfect opportunity to realise a long-standing dream of producing an outstanding spirit, that not only tastes great but also reflects their journey and personalities.  

Both Chris and Sarah come from creative backgrounds. Chris a former professional musician and brewer. Sarah an abstract artist. This artistic flair, coupled with a wealth of experience and a passion for the drinks industry, form the platform for what we believe is a truly innovative yet elegant range of gins.

Dinnewell’s Gin is truly a family run business, everything we do and every decision we make revolves around our family life. The very reason the business has come to life is an unwavering drive to be able to support our two children and have the flexibility to provide them with everything they need.


At Dinnewell’s Gin everything we do is all about the personal touch. Whether it be hand picking signature botanicals such as the white rose in our Yorkshire Rosé, hand peeling and hand drying all our citrus botanicals, or now overseeing every single part of production, distilling on our 25 litre little still ‘Annie’. You can be sure that the utmost care and attention has been taken in ensuring that every drop of gin is absolutely perfect.


Our new branding encapsulates this personal touch from top to bottom. The overall design of the bottle has a feeling of a stained-glass picture, with each element representative of either part of our gin journey or our journey as people and a family.

The stained-glass itself takes on huge significance to us, as this was a strongly featured theme when the two of us were married. The love we share for each other is replicated in the care and attention we put into every aspect of our gin.


Starting at the top of the bottle, our new logo, the sideways rose. This bares a double representation. Firstly, the rose itself again played a hugely significant role in the theme at our wedding but also Rose is the name of our youngest child. You will notice the rose features prominently in our overall design. 

Secondly, the rose is sideways to make it look like the letter D, representing our family and gin name.


Our oldest child is also featured heavily within our design in the form of the many rainbows you can see. Jack is on the Autism spectrum with the rainbow representing the many variations and challenges within that, but at the same time also representing the light he shines upon our lives.


The final main element of our design is the leaf. At Dinnewell’s Gin we feel it is vitally important that we use sustainable products and methods wherever we can. This is why our bottle is 100% either re-cyclable or easily compostable, and we don’t use any plastic in packaging when sending orders. Our bottle manufacturers and printers have also been carefully selected to try and keep our carbon footprint as low as possible. The bottles travel less than 80miles from initial production to being filled with gin at our distillery. We feel that this commitment is vitally important to who we are as people, but also a continuation of the commitment to creating the highest quality product in the most sustainable way. 

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