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Our drive towards sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint.

At Dinnewell’s Gin sustainability is right at the very forefront of our thinking. We feel that it is vitally important that we do our bit to protect the environment and the climate.

This is why we have made a promise to ourselves to use local businesses and producers wherever we can ensuring that we keep our carbon footprint down as low as we can.

This is no more than prevalent than when looking at our bottles. These are manufactured, designed and decorated within West Yorkshire and they travel no further than 80 miles from being created to being filled at our distillery. 

Our commitment to using local producers doesn’t stop there. Recently we have launched a range of seasonal limited edition gins, where we try and showcase the best that our beautiful region of Yorkshire has to offer. These limited edition gins all use produce either hand picked ourselves or grown by a local producer, within 10 miles of our distillery. 


As well as the commitment to using local producers and ingredients, we are extremely against single use plastics. Which is why we have gone to extra lengths to ensure that our bottles are full recyclable. 

Even down to the seal that keeps our bottles secure, which looks plastic, but is actually made from wood pulp and will degrade within weeks when put into a regular household bin.


We have a zero waste policy here at Dinnewell’s too. When preparing botanicals for distillation we use lots of citrus peels, we then are left with the majority of the flesh of the fruits. Rather than throwing these away and wasting them, we dehydrate all of the remaining fruits and use them as garnish either behind our bar or in our gift packs. Still adding the great aroma’s of the fruits without having to throw anything away.


Our zero waste policy also connects to anybody who buys a bottle of our gin, through our bottle return scheme. Whilst our bottles are fully recyclable or compostable as mentioned above, we believe it is much better to reuse than recycle which is why we offer a £3 shop discount for every core range (coloured) bottle that is returned to us at the distillery. Making it a great incentive for you as a customer to help us keep our carbon footprint down further.

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